UPDATE: Final Projects and the End of the Semester

Less than two weeks to go and I’m a little more than half-way done. I’ve crossed out the assignments that have been completed and turned in. The others are in the works.

I haven’t created a post in a few weeks because I have been very busy with more pressing concerns such as the many different final essays, projects, and presentations I have to do in the next three weeks. To help myself keep all of this straight, I’m going to give a rundown of the work I need to complete by May 10th. Since everything runs on time-lines and deadlines, I’ll start with the earliest due project first.

Update: Half-way there, but a long road to go.

ENG 3311: Studies In Poetry

Final Research Paper – DUE Monday, April 26:

  • This essay will discuss the deconstruction of language in Tammy Gomez‘s “On Language” as a product of the U.S./ Mexico border. I will draw on the work of Gloria Anzalúa, and other Chicana(o) scholars to stake the claim that by breaking up the English language and merging it with Spanish in her poem, the poet is demanding for both to be reconfigured so that they better represent the multi-cultural aesthetic of the 2400 mile contact zone.

Teaching Presentation – Wednesday, April 28:

  • I, and two other students in my class will have to present a twenty minute lecture on the poem “To Autumn” by English Romanticist, John Keats. We have broken the responsibility for the research up by stanza. I have the first stanza, Tamika the second, and Sandy the third. This should not be too difficult, and I may end up getting this out of the way as soon as possible.

ENG 3340: Critiquing Capitalist Cultures

Book Review – DUE Wednesday, April 28:

  • Part of the requirements for this course is to write a detailed review of one of the four critical texts we read. The choices were The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein (2008) , The Country and The City by Raymond Williams (1973), All That is Solid, Melts Into Air by Marshal Berman (1982), and The Condition of Post-Modernity by David Harvey (1990). I have chose to test myself, and write about Harvey’s book because it seemed to be the most useful text for my final paper and creative project. I do have some work to do because it is incredibly rich in its ideas and sophistication.

Critical Analysis of Cities of Salt by Abdelrahman Munif – DUE Friday, May 7:

  • For this essay I have to take a critical stance on the novel Cities of Salt and employ two of the works read in class that I listed above. The novel is an excellent description of the transition of a pre-industrialized country to a full-blown industrial powerhouse through the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia. I plan on using the work of Harvey and Berman to explore the use of silence in the novel to describe the problems that occur when a group of people are unable to use their language to describe current events. The most pressing concern with this essay is to finish reading the novel so that I have nice comprehensive understanding of Munif’s perspective.

Creative Project – DUE Wednesday, May, 12:

  • For this project, I have quite a bit of freedom to do what I want, but it has to engage the ideas and themes we discussed in class. What I have decided to do is a photo presentation of the City of Houston. I am going to use images from its early development, the height of modernist development, and ultimately the post-modern creations of the last three decades to show both the benefits of and problems associated with capitalist growth. Because I have so much to do outside of this project, I will do my best to keep it as short and sweet as possible.

ENG 3387: Modernity and the Avant Garde

Critical Analysis Essay – Due Thursday, May 13:

  • This essay needs to discuss the work of one of the authors discussed in the course: Charles Baudelaire, André Breton, Octavio Paz, Haroldo De Campos, and Julio Cortázar. I have chosen to work with the surrealist author, André Breton, who wrote The Surrealist Manifesto and Nadja (1928). I will use the aesthetic demands of the manifesto to help explain the work being done in Nadja. It is also important to connect the expression of surrealism with the social, political, and intellectual movements, taking shape in Paris in the years between the two World Wars.

SOS 3312: Statistics for the Social Sciences

  • The final project in this STATS class is intended to use all of the skills we were taught in the course. I don’t have the full information about the project yet, but I will update this page when I do get that information.

That’s it, a lot of work, but that’s it. I have about two to three weeks to get most of this done. Once that is done, I’ll have officially completed my Undergraduate degree.

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