Nezua Gives it To Us Straight

One of a biggest and brightest voices the Raza has to offer, Nezua, reinforces the power we can have as a people united across social, economic, and political borders. It’s a worth a read . . .

THE FRIENDS I KEEP NOWADAYS are involved in the struggle.

Meaning, they are engaged in standing, speaking, or working for social justice. It’s not as pretentious as it sounds. After all, they are Xicano writers, or Boricua thinkers, or queer lawyers, or Black entrepreneurs or Asian auteurs, or Gender-Breaker System Shakers, or disabled poets, or feminists or Feminists, or some overlap of all these things! So all it means to say they are involved in social justice in some way is that they love themselves and are self actualizing, and support others who travel a similar road.

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