Houston’s @Wholefish Talks the Mighty Red Snapper

Houston native and fellow STH Eagle, Bryan Caswell, writes in his latest blog about the importance of the American Red Snapper to the Gulf Coast Region. From the sport fisher, the commercial fisher, and even the diner sitting at a table, Chef Caswell filets right through the half-truths of one of the most important salt water fish in America.

From the Wholefish Blog:

The most amazing thing about American Red Snapper is that our understanding of the state of this resource is so incredibly inconsistent and incomplete. Red Snapper are second only to shrimp in economic importance in the Gulf of Mexico. And, like shrimp, Red Snapper is also one of the most argued about resources. This fish’s history, peculiar habits and habitat (which is heavily debated), the span of its proliferation, its beneficial relationship with the energy industry and immense fan club of recreational fishermen and restaurateurs nationwide make the Red Snapper a perfect example of a much larger issue: how to balance the Gulf as a sustainable fishery and resource for both commercial and recreational fishermen.

Read the entire post at Wholefish.blogspot.com.

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