Google Books & Citation Management Goodness

I’m probably several months late to the party on this, but I just noticed that Google Book search results provide buttons to export the record to BibTex, EndNote, and RefMan. That’s pretty cool. Even though I know Google is a corporation just like any other, I still think what they do with their actual technology is pretty damn cool. I can say that because I gave up any sense of privacy and personal security up a very long time ago. Hell, I slept in the same room with my parents and my younger brother for years because my sister needed her own space in the living room. We had a small house, and we had to make due. I never had privacy. I was never able to create boundaries and borders for myself. So my life has been, and most likely always will be an open book. So even though I don’t agree with Google’s very nefarious intrusion on personal privacy, I find myself liking the technology that makes it happen.

Anyway, I was looking up The Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo and I scroll to the bottom and I see this nifty feature…

I Didn't See this before. | Citation ManagersThat’s pretty cool. Google’s Book Search gives you three options to export the citation. Unfortunately none of these are for the popular open source & free Firefox plug-in Zotero. Still, as an academic who loves citations and reference materials, this is a pretty cool feature.

If only Google weren’t becoming Voldemort.

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