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I graduated in May of 2010 from the University of Houston - Downtown with a BA in English. I am a creator of Web site's small and large using well known Content Management Systems. I specialize in creating information that is targeted to specific demographics and audiences. Con Frijoles is my outlet for political, intellectual, and cultural, criticism. The ideas I present here are my own, and I take full responsibility for them.

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Looking Into the Gateway of the North Side

Looking Into the Gateway of the North Side, originally uploaded by Jaime-Rafael. Have you ever been through the walkway of the Judge Alfred Hernandez underpass on North Main? It’s always been one of those place you don’t go into during the day because of the smell, and especially not at night if you don’t want(…)

Black Cat Music @ Mary Janes (RIP)

Black Cat Music @ Mary Janes (RIP), originally uploaded by Jaime-Rafael. I used to love making my way down to Washington Ave on a Friday or Saturday (or any night of the week) to see a band at Mary Janes or just drink at Mary Janes. It was a dive bar with half-way decent sound,(…)